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Monopoly Go Event Partner for Hire

Monopoly Go Event Partner for Hire

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The Fountain Partners event for Monopoly Go is scheduled for April 6, 2024. Completing this event can be significantly challenging if one of your added event partners doesn't help you achieve the event.

But don't worry. We're here to help you out! We offer our services as an event partner to ensure you achieve 100% completion without wasting any dice rolls.

Plus, you'll receive a free sticker for every slot you purchase. Just email us to let us know which sticker you'd like.

We only need your Monopoly link to add us as your event partner. Once added, you can relax while we complete the partner bar.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now, and let's become fountain partners!


Delivery Timeframe:

Pre-orders: April 6, 2024, when the event occurs.

During the event: 5 minutes to 60 minutes.



1. You will receive a free sticker after purchasing each partner slot.

For instance:

1 partner slot = 1 free sticker

2 partner slots = 2 free stickers

3 partner slots = 3 free stickers

(Free stickers will be sent to you via email)

2. You won't have to spend any dice. We will complete 100% of the partner bar for you.

3. You will get to keep all the prizes and dice you receive from the partner event.

4. If we fail to complete 100% of the bar within 60 minutes, we will refund your money and give you five free stickers of your choice.



1. Your partner slot must be available for us to become your event partner.

2. We need your Monopoly link to become partners.

3. We will contact you through email or live chat to add you as an event partner in the game.


How to order:

1. Add the number of partner slots you need to the cart.

2. Provide your Monopoly link on the cart page.

3. Proceed to checkout.

4. We will contact you via email and ask you to add us as a partner event.

5. Accept us as event partners in the game. That's it.

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