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Monopoly Go Dice (Invites)

Monopoly Go Dice (Invites)

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Looking for a quick and affordable way to get more dice in Monopoly?

Look no further! Our service offers a safe and reliable method to gain extra dice through the invite event. With our help, you'll receive new friend invites to complete the invite event and unlock rewards like dice, Monopoly in-game cash, and a Mr. Monopoly Exclusive token.

To take advantage of our service, simply provide us with your Monopoly links. After purchasing our package, we'll send you the invites from new friends, but please note that to ensure smooth delivery, you'll need to close your game for 30 minutes.

Don't miss out on the chance to level up your Monopoly game. Purchase our package today and start rolling the dice!

Here are the steps to order:

1) Add your preferred invitation type to the cart.

2) Provide your Monopoly link on the cart page.

 3) Proceed to checkout. That's all!

Delivery will be made within 60 minutes of purchase.

To access the invite event page in the game, please follow these steps:

1. Launch your Monopoly Go app.

2. Click on the "Friends" tab.

3. Click on "Invite" and you will be directed to the invite page.

Here are the prizes you can win from the Invite event:

1st page: 330 Dice and a Mr. Monopoly Token (requires 10 invites).

2nd page: 530 Dice and cash prizes (requires 50 invites).

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