Where to buy Monopoly Go Gold Stickers?

Where to buy Monopoly Go Gold Stickers?
Are you searching for Monopoly Go Gold Stickers but need help finding them? These stickers are not easily obtainable and can't be traded during regular times. The game system of Monopoly Go locks them.

However, you can get gold stickers by playing the game and completing missions. The sticker pack you'll receive after completing the game missions may contain gold stickers.

If you're still having trouble finding gold stickers, don't worry. During the Golden Blitz event, you can trade two types of gold stickers for a limited period, usually less than 24 hours. It's crucial to quickly deal for the gold sticker within the Golden Blitz event as the trading period is limited.

If you cannot find gold stickers around you, you can always visit Recharge Fortress. We have pre-orders for gold stickers and will sell them during the Golden Blitz event.
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How can I buy stickers

Tracy Langdon

How can I buy gold stickers that’s already been used in golden blitz

Tracy Langdon

I need to golden impressions stickers from monopoly go set 19

Tracy Langdon

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